Diamond Posh Private Labeling, is a manufacturer of Luxury Beauty & Cosmetic Products located in Atlanta, GA.

Simply order a sample kit, pick your products, we design your labels & website complimentary, and you start selling and making money. Win-Win right?

We focus on helping others start their own beauty product line business. How long have you been wanting to start your own brand? We are here to meet your needs. We offer competitive pricing with low minimums.

Benefits of Partnering with Diamond Posh Private Labeling
❖ FREE label design & branding 

❖ Premium glossy labels with each order

❖ Complimentary website design

❖ Add CBD Oil at no additional charge

❖ Low minimum orders (as low as 15 products)

❖ Professional photos of your products with your first order

❖ Branding package for your launch that includes social media ads

❖ Payment plan options

❖ We price-match competitors




❖ What is Private Labeling? 
-We create a beauty & cosmetic line for you. We make the products that you select and we brand it with your name on it. We also create & print your labels and create your website with your order.

❖Can I select different products outside of my Sample Kit to start my product line? 
-Yes, you DO NOT need to order every sample kit to add that product to your new product line. On your 1st New Client Order, we'll design labels & print them for any products that you select. You just have to purchase ONE sample kit before starting your own Product Line.


❖ I ordered a Sample Kit. What are the next steps after? 
-The next step is to place your first order “New Client Package”. The New Client package consist of your 1st order. After your new order, you’ll be able to enjoy low minimums of just 10 products.

o Your “New Client Package” consist of a minimum order of $300 & only $200 if you’re just ordering a Lip Gloss line. The New Client Package consist of 30 products, & 60 products for Lip Gloss line. You’ll receive label designs for 5 products that you choose. If you want a larger product line, it’s only a $10 additional label design fee.

o A one-page website will also be created for you, along with social media ads. Before we ship your order, we will take Professional Pics of your products for you to use. This packaged is valued at $800 Dollars. ❖ Do you have Payment Plans? -Yes, we have “No Money, No Problem” Payment plan. See details on website.


❖ What are the lowest minimum products I can order?
-After your 1st initial New Client order, you’ll be able to enjoy low minimum orders of just 10 products.

❖ Do you label the products? 
- Yes, we create & design custom labels to reflect your brand that you love! There is no additional charge for this service. That’s what separates us from other private label companies. We believe in adding value to you & we want you to win!

❖ How can I get in contact with some to ask additional questions? 
-Send an email to Support@DiamondPoshLabeling.com 


❖ How are your products different from other brands? 
-Each of our products are hand-crafted with the highest quality ingredients. We create luxury products that people love!


❖ What is the shelf life of Diamond Posh Labeling Products? 
-We create our products fresh when you order. There is a 12-month shelf life from purchase.

❖ Do you ship Internationally? 
-Yes, we ship internationally. Send an email to receive custom invoice with shipping cost.

❖ Are you the manufacturer of all the products you listed?
-Yes, we manufacture all products listed.

❖ Can I request modifications or customization to the products I select? 
-Yes, send an email to discuss your wants and needs.

❖ Can I modify the trial Kit or only try one item? 
-No, we do not allow modifications to Sample Kits and we do not sell individual sample items.

❖ Can I try products before I commit?
-Yes, order a Sample Kit with the desired products you want to try.

❖ Are your products free of toxins? 
- Yes, our products are free of toxins & do not contain any harmful chemicals.

❖ How long does it take to receive my order? 
-It’s a 1-2 week turn-around time for all orders.

❖ Is there a refund policy? 
-For sample kits & Private Label orders, there are no refunds. If any products are defective, we will take the appropriate steps to correct the issue.



 “No Money, No Problem” Payment Plan

How it works:

1. Simply put a down payment of $100 dollars. You can select this package in the Sample Kits section.You can choose this package on the website to get started.

2. We make the products you select for your New Client Package. We’ll design & print your labels. We set up your Website & make you 2 social media ads. We then launch a Pre-Order Campaign for you so you can start making money with your own Beauty Product Line! Turn around time is 1 week.

3. Bingo! Simply collect your profit & pay your remaining balance for your package. We ship the products to you so you can give it to your customers. After your 1st order as a new client, enjoy minimum orders as low as 10 products.